Redwood Eye Center offers a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services and treatments.
It is recommended that every child have an eye exam by age 6 or upon referral.
Every adult should have an eye exam every 1 to 3 years, or annually dependent on medical history, family history or certain risk factors.


Routine Eye Exam 

Please specify if you would like an examination for glasses or contact lenses. Our doctors perform thorough examinations of your eyes and provide you with prescriptions for these as necessary. Our optical staff and full service optical shop is available on premises to meet your needs.

Your exam will consist among other things, of:

– Refraction to measure your eye glass or contact lens prescription

– Intraocular pressure measurement

– Slit Lamp Examination (Microscopy to evaluate the front and back of your eye)

– Dilation (Instillation of drops to temporarily enlarge your pupil allowing examination of the posterior and internal structures of the eye).

Please note that dilation can blur your vision and make you sensitive to light, so you will need a designated driver and sunglasses or shades when you leave. In some medical conditions like Diabetes, dilation is required to evaluate for vision-threatening complications of the disease.

Office Visit

Can be made for specific problems or complaints and involve one or more of the elements from the full eye exam. Common complaints include dry eye symptoms like scratchiness or foreign body sensation, pink eye, allergies, floaters, or other complaints.

Emergency Services

24/7 provision of emergency services for common eye emergencies like injuries, accidents or chemical exposures. These are handled in our office, by after-hour phone call with the ophthalmologist on call, or via our affiliated hospitals at Sutter Solano Medical Center, NorthBay Hospitals in Fairfield and Vaca Valley.

Our after-hours on-call emergency answering service number is (707) 750-8267 to reach the doctor on call.

Specialty Optometric and Refractive Services

Controlled Myopia prevention in children, Dream and scleral-fitted lenses for Keratoconus, Orthokeratology.

Cosmetic Consultations

Our doctors are well trained in eye lid surgeries (including blepharoplasty) as well as Botox® and Latisse®. In most cases these services are not covered by insurance.

LASIK Consultation

LASIK surgery is available through our close affiliation with UC Berkeley. Pre- and post-operative evaluation and follow-up can be done at our facility for your convenience.

Other Laser Services

We provide lasers for glaucoma surgery (YAG, SLT, ALT). We also provide lasers for retinal procedures (Argon).

Ophthalmic Surgery

Our surgeons are well trained to handle common ophthalmic procedures among them:

– Cataract (Extracapsular, Phacoemulsification, and Femtosecond-Laser assisted options avail)

– Astigmatic correction (Astigmatic lens implants and LRI)

– Multifocal lens implants (Restor ®)

– Pterygium surgery

– Glaucoma (Multiple options for filtration surgery as well as latest in Minimally-invasive techniques(MIGS)

– Eyelid procedures and biopsies

Ophthalmic Diagnostics

We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment including:

– Corneal topography

– External digital photography

– Immersion a-scan ultrasonography


– Humphrey Visual Field testing