Patient Information

New Patient Forms

Please fill out the following forms prior to coming in for your appointment. Please ensure that you include complete and updated lists of all medications including eye drops, prescription pills/inhalers/syrups, recent or ongoing chemotherapy, or any over-the-counter supplements, herbs, vitamins or minerals you may be taking.

Forms require Adobe Reader, download HERE.

Request An Appointment

Please note depending on your particular insurance, a referral from your current primary care physician, optometrist or other specialist may be necessary to schedule your visit with us. This is ultimately the joint responsibility of the referring provider and the patient to make sure this referral is obtained prior to scheduling your appointment for a new visit.

Also please note that in order to ensure continuity of care and avoid redundant and unnecessary repeated testing, new patients are advised to sign releases of information from their referring providers and hand deliver their prior records to their first appointment with us. In many cases while we can sign records releases to obtain records retroactively, the unreliability of faxes makes nothing better than hand delivery of your prior records.

For further assistance for booking an appointment, refer to this document. 

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