Routine Eye Exam

At Redwood Eye Center, we understand the importance of routine eye exams in maintaining your overall eye health and preserving your vision. Our comprehensive eye exams are conducted by our team of skilled optometrists and ophthalmologist, who are dedicated to providing personalized and attentive care. During your routine eye exam, we will assess your visual acuity, screen for eye conditions, and detect early signs of ocular diseases. Using advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques, we can evaluate the health of your eyes, including the structures of the cornea, lens, and retina. We will also assess your eye coordination and evaluate your overall visual function. Routine eye exams are essential for people of all ages, as they can help detect potential issues early on and ensure that your eyes remain healthy and your vision remains clear. 


It is recommended that every child to have an eye exam by age 6, or upon referral from their school vision screening, pediatrician, or concerned relative/guardian or parent. Common issues may include sitting unusually close to a TV or digital screen, droopy eyelid, or a cross-eyed appearance. 


Every adult over age 40, should ideally, have an eye exam every 1 to 3 years. More frequent eye exams may sometimes be needed, and often beginning at an even earlier age, if pre-existing medical or family history exists.